Monthly Archives: June 2016

Top 40 Shareholders as at 30 June 2016

Rank Holder Current Securities Percentage 1 LJ & K THOMSON PTY LTD 160,000,000 5.85% 2 ELGAR PARK PTY LTD 111,000,000 4.06% 3 MENZIES SUPER PTY LTD 82,089,710 3.00% 4 MR DANNY SEGAL & 78,500,000 2.87% 5 MADDINGLEY BROWN COAL PTY LTD 63,325,370 2.32% 6 MR GREGORY MILTS 40,041,489 1.46% 7 MR IAIN ROBERT MCEWIN &… Continue Reading >

ECT Trials Q&A on Internet Stock Forum

ECT managing Director Ashley Moore today trialled a Q&A session with investors via the popular internet stock forum Hot Copper (HC). The call for questions was posted to HC yesterday (Wednesday 8 June 2016), with a range of questions quickly added to the thread by various forum members. Clear themes emerged and were grouped into topics… Continue Reading >

ECT Mentioned in YES BANK Annual Report

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to confirm it has again been highlighted in the Annual Report of YES BANK. YES BANK, one of India’s largest private sector banks, has provided corporate advisory services to the Company for several years to develop and advance its relationship and project objectives in… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Update – India Activity

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update to shareholders on its Coldry-Matmor project in India. Key Points: Techno-Economic Feasibility (TEF) study on track for completion by the end of June 2016 Preliminary report data indicates significant capital and operating advantages for Matmor Since its update to… Continue Reading >