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Minerals Council of Australia bites back on climate and energy misrepresentation

Want to be called a ‘climate denier’? Simply advocate a ‘measured transition to a low emissions global economy’. It’s worked for the Minerals Council of Australia. Apparently, anything short of advocating an economy-wrecking rush toward wind and solar is met with name-calling. The below article from the Fin Review highlights how the MCA has been… Continue Reading >

Will the NEG restore energy policy balance?

Will the NEG restore energy policy balance?

Facts and data on energy policy are difficult to come by. We’re finally starting to see some figures around the Prime Ministers proposed solution to our energy crisis. The two recent articles below, by SkyNews Business, are tracking the story around the National Energy Guarantee, or NEG. Statements by the Prime Minister seem to be… Continue Reading >

Fossil fuels to remain primary energy source for decades

“The world is moving on from coal.” This is the claim by a range of environmental groups and well-meaning individuals. They’ll tell you Australia is being left behind as the rest of the world rapidly transitions away from coal to renewables. If only it were true. To paraphrase Mark Twain; the report of coal’s death… Continue Reading >

2017 Annual General Meeting – Chairman’s Address & Company Presentation

As has been the tradition in previous years, I’d like to take a quick review of our 12 month goals stated at last year’s AGM. These included: Commence construction of our first large project in India Complete designs and upgraded patents for Matmor Finalise feasibility for the second project Achieve first earnings from commercial contracts… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Update – HydroMOR & COHgen development

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update on the progress of its new hydrogen-based technologies, HydroMOR and COHgen. Key points: HydroMOR: Hydrogen-based Metal Oxide Reduction – a low-temperature primary iron making process that utilises abundant, low-cost lignite instead of high-cost coking coal or natural gas HydroMOR… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Update: Coldry trial program and Latrobe Valley project

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update on the Group’s Coldry commercialisation program. Key points: Site selection completed for Latrobe Valley Coldry project feasibility program EnergyAustralia to support ECT’s Phase 3 – 3,000-tonne commercialisation trial program by ensuring coal supply. Latrobe Valley Coldry Feasibility Program –… Continue Reading >

Withdrawal of Resolution 4 from 2017 AGM

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) advises the withdrawal of Resolution 4 from the 2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting. The resolution pertains to the approval for additional 10% placement capacity of Securities. The Board recognises the inconsistency with seeking approval of the resolution and the stated goal of the Company to… Continue Reading >

Cost of power strangling the economy

There’s a state election in Queensland and power prices are a major issue. The below article from ABC Online highlights the launch, by Canegrowers, Queensland Farmers Federation, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, of the Queensland Industry Energy Alliance with an aim to put downward pressure on prices. Travis Tobin, Chief Executive of… Continue Reading >

Report: Ultra-supercritical coal-fired power station in North Queensland is viable

The Townsville Bulletin ran a revealing article recently (see link at bottom of page). It turns out a report delivered earlier this year confirming the viability of a high-efficiency, low-emission (HELE) coal-fired power station was never made public. Prepared by Brisbane-based consultancy Energy Edge for the Queensland State Labor government, the report details the viability… Continue Reading >

India set to take up clean coal technologies in a big way

India set to take up clean coal technologies in a big way

A recent article in India’s Economic Times (link below) highlights the drive by the Indian government to deploy clean coal technologies, according to Shusheel Kumar (pictured), the Secretary of the Coal Ministry. Shareholders will know Mr Kumar as the sponsor of the current review of our project by NITI Aayog. The main objective is energy… Continue Reading >