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Power Pain as wholesale energy prices double in a year

Wholesale electricity prices have more than doubled in the past year in Victoria and South Australia. The below article in The Australian highlights: “…average wholesale energy price in Victoria climbed to $139 this month, up from $62 in January last year. In South Australia, the wholesale average price for January climbed to almost $170, up… Continue Reading >

Power Bill Panic

The below articles continue to hold a spotlight to the causes and effects of our escalating electricity prices. 17 Jan 2018: “Businesses face power price hikes of up to 200 percent” – Sydney Morning Herald 20 Jan 2018: “Hazelwood closure drives jump in household electricity prices” – The Australian 22 Jan 2018: “Power bill panic:… Continue Reading >

R&D Tax Incentive Refund Received

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to advise it has received its 2017 financial year R&D Tax Incentive Refund. Key points: ~2.047 million R&D Tax Incentive refund received Current ‘Brevet’ R&D loan satisfied in full Surplus of ~$600k to support India project The refund of ~AUD2.047 million is in line… Continue Reading >

India could lead clean coal charge

India could lead clean coal charge

India is the place to be. It looks to be poised to lead the ‘clean coal’ charge. Now, before we get to the crux of the article below, let’s remember there is no such thing as ‘clean’ coal. But there is ‘cleaner’ coal. What makes coal ‘dirty’ is particulate matter, sulphur dioxide (SOx) and nitrous… Continue Reading >

Alinta drops its electricity price thanks to brown coal

All electricity retailers, bar one, have raised electricity prices. Since July 2017 we’ve been hit by the following: Energy Australia customers in South Australia will face annual increases of $390 on average – a jump of 19.9%, followed closely by those in New South Wales with average annual hikes of $319. Origin announced hikes of 16%… Continue Reading >

Energy Australia seeks brown coal licence extension

Energy Australia, the owners of Yallourn power station, which provides 25% of Victoria’s electricity, have applied for an extension to their mining license. The article ($) below by Herald Sun reporter Tom Minear, quotes Energy Australia’s Mark Collette… “We are currently assessing the potential impact on our business from the introduction of a Victorian Renewable Energy Target and the… Continue Reading >

Indian iron ore price surges

Indian iron ore prices have surged, with NMDC increasing their price for premium lump ore and fines by 39% and 8%, respectively. Smaller merchant miners have, according to the below article in ‘The New Indian Express’, ‘jacked up’ prices by as much as 59% in some instances. Driving the price rise appears to be a combination… Continue Reading >

Hydrogen fuel scale challenge

It will be some time before hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV’s) are widely available here in Australia and even longer before they make a dent in the market against electric (battery) vehicles, let alone the good old petrol and diesel vehicles that have been the backbone of transport since Benz patented his engine in 1879.… Continue Reading >

India Project Funding Facility

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to announce the signing of a term sheet for a R&D Rebate loan facility through to January 2020 in support of the Company’s India project. Key points: New York-based Innovation Structured Finance Co. LLC (Brevet) selected to provide new loan facility under market competitive… Continue Reading >

How to avoid blackouts AEMO style

Apparently, we have a solution to avoid blackouts, following the closure of 2,400MW of coal-fired power in recent years. The below article in The Australian ($) highlights the plan to shore up ‘strategic reserves’. Here’s the simple 3 step approach now in place courtesy of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and its Reliability and Emergency Reserve… Continue Reading >