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Something has gone terribly wrong with electricity prices

It’s unusual for the ABC to point out the unintended consequences of otherwise well-intentioned climate policy. The below article, featured today, highlights the outcome of attempts to lower our emissions intensity. Since 2008 power prices have risen 117 per cent, more than four times the average price increase across sectors. There was only one brief reprieve… Continue Reading >

Household solar subsidies should be abolished

Lucy Percival over at the Grattan Insitute has written a great article on the recently released report by the ACCC. Key takeaways: The small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) should be abolished by 2021 State governments to fund solar feed-in tariffs through their budgets, rather than through consumers’ energy bills, improving fairness Solar schemes were well-intentioned… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Q&A-July 2018

We’d like to thank Hot Copper (HC) participants for their questions. We received over 100 questions on a range of topics. Many doubled up, so we consolidated them to 49. Some with sub-questions. Many of the questions received were from HC participants that haven’t taken the opportunity to seek clarification directly with the Company in… Continue Reading >

Grattan Institute shares view on the NEG

We only need look at our skyrocketing electricity bills to know that balancing energy and climate policy has proven difficult. Energy policy is meant to deliver reliable, affordable electricity. Climate policy is designed to deliver lower emissions. Unfortunately, based on available technologies, the two objectives are incompatible. You can’t have cheap power and low emissions without… Continue Reading >

Energy policy mess keeps producing unintended consequences

The below article in today’s AFR ($) highlights the unintended consequences of trying to balance energy and climate policy. The issue is the ‘energy trilemma’. Reliable. Affordable. Low-emissions. Pick any two. Contrary to what many would have us believe, renewables are not cheaper than coal. If they were they wouldn’t require a subsidy, which for wind… Continue Reading >

Coal is (not so) dead

If headlines in the media are any gauge, you’d think coal was dead. Or at least, in serious decline. Here’s a typical example: ‘Coal is dead’: Neoen eyes another $4 billion in Australian investment’ – The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May 2018 They are partly correct. There is no doubt, wind and solar will play an… Continue Reading >

Top 40 Shareholders as at 30 June 2018

Position Holder Name Holding % 1 LJ & K THOMSON PTY LTD <LJT & KT SUPER FUND A/C> 245,000,000 5.29% 2 ELGAR PARK PTY LTD <ELGAR SUPER FUND A/C> 115,778,000 2.50% 3 SUPERIOR COATINGS (AUST) PTY LTD 101,724,625 2.20% 4* MR GREGORY MILTS 94,140,368 2.03% 5 MENZIES SUPER PTY LTD <MENZIES SUPER FUND A/C> 81,451,142… Continue Reading >