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EVENT: ECT to present at the Global Steel Innovations Forum

Event: The Global Steel Innovations Forum Location: Dubai, UAE Date: 25-27 September 2018 Link: ECT India Chairman & Managing Director Mr Ashley Moore will be presenting in conjunction with Ms Aditi Tarafdar, Technical Director at the India-based engineering firm, MN Dastur. ECT has engaged MN Dastur to lead and deliver the basic engineering and design package… Continue Reading >

Hydrogen the next LNG?

Hydrogen the next LNG?

If the latest report from Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel is anything to go by, Hydrogen could be the next LNG, and lignite (brown coal) will play a significant part. The Australian’s Simon Benson reports (link $): Chief Scientist Alan Finkel will deliver a series of recommen­dations to federal and state ­governments today on developing… Continue Reading >

Hot Copper Q&A follow up

Last weekend we spent some time answering questions on the stock market forum ‘Hot Copper’. We ran out of time, so took some questions offline, with a promise to follow up. We’re pleased to present that follow up Q&A as follows: Q1. You mentioned in a past communication that the India project is designed around… Continue Reading >