Monthly Archives: December 2018

Wind and solar can’t build or sustain a modern society

We’re often asked why we’re ‘anti-renewables’. Given our company name – Environmental Clean Technologies – it’s a fair question. The fact is, we’re not. We’re in favour of the ‘right’ amount of wind and solar for any particular electricity network. And that ‘right’ amount will vary depending on local resources and local market economics. Renewables… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Update – India Project

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ECT) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update on the Company’s India project. Key Points: Project partner NMDC board meeting to be held in January Project preparation activity ongoing Project agreement ‘sunset’ date formally extended Status of NMDC Board Approval On 23 November 2018 the Company provided… Continue Reading >

Is coal to blame for high power prices?

Sounds like a silly question. But there’s a recent push by renewables advocates to shift the blame for rapidly rising electricity prices. We’ll take a look at two recent articles leading the charge to shift the blame: Why coal – and not renewables – is root cause of surging Australia power prices (link) Renewable energy… Continue Reading >

Capital Management Update

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ECT) (ECT or Company) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, ECT Finance Limited (ECTF), has signed an agreement for the provision of an AUD 1 million securitisation loan applied to ECTF’s equity lending facility (ELF) loan portfolio, with the proceeds of the loan to be used to pay down the… Continue Reading >