Board & Executives

Glenn Fozardimage-glenn fozard-b&w-150px

Executive Chairman, Head of Operations
Key Responsibility Areas: Capital Management & Business Development

  • Glenn has a strong commercial background and over 16 years’ experience in finance and capital markets at both board and executive level.
  • With a deep understanding of tailored financial solutions for SMEs in the R&D, Cleantech and Agricultural sectors, he supports the company with valuable guidance in the technology development, risk management and capital raising areas.
  • Glenn has worked with ECT for over seven years and continues to support the business in the executive role of Business Development and Corporate Finance.

James Blackburn

Non-executive Director
Key Responsibility Areas: Strategy

  • James has a strong executive background as a corporate development practitioner with over 18 years’ experience in governance, operational, and technical roles across research, investment and corporate services disciplines.
  • James has core responsibility for ECT Corporate Services and plays a key role in directing and administering the Company’s commercialisation programs.

Hon. Neil O’Keefe

Non-executive Director
Key responsibility areas: Government relations

  • Neil has a unique background, which includes 45 years of public and private sector experience including 17 years as a highly regarded Federal MP from 1984 until 2001.
  • An Economics Graduate from La Trobe University, Neil has local, state, national and international experience in capital and finance, infrastructure, transport, trade, media, water, energy, telecommunications, agriculture and resources.
  • The Maddingley Brown Coal Mine at Bacchus Marsh was part of Neil’s electorate and he took a keen interest in encouraging the development of the emerging Coldry and Matmor (now HydroMOR) technologies, assisting with early-stage grant funding.

Ashley Mooreimage-ashley moore-b&w-150px

Executive Director, Chief Engineer

  • Mr Moore is a seasoned Chemical Industry professional with extensive experience in all facets of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales and Industrial Marketing. He holds a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, and has more than twenty years of industry experience in Australia and internationally
  • His career started with global speciality chemical manufacturing firm Cabot Corporation in Australia and proceeded to include assignments in various parts of the manufacturing field in the U.S.A., the U.K., Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. He covered roles ranging from plant engineering and management, construction and commissioning, as well as regional operations management. His career expanded to later cover regional Marketing in Asia Pacific. In 2005, he joined Delta EMD, a global speciality chemical firm in the downstream minerals sector responsible for Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain
  • Mr Moore joined ECT in 2009 as Business  Manager and was subsequently appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2011, Managing Director in 2013 and now group Chief Engineer.

Adam Gilesimage-adam giles-b&w-150px

Marketing & Communications Manager
Company Secretary

  • Adam Giles has 27 years business and management experience across both private and public sectors
  • His long-term involvement with the development of the Coldry and HydroMOR technologies provides a valuable background, helping inform strategic direction
  • Key responsibility areas within the company have included Research Management, Operations, Investor & Media Relations and Corporate Governance
  • Adam was Company Secretary from 2012 to 2017, resuming the role again in July 2020

Martin Hill

Chief Financial Officer

  • Martin Hill has extensive experience in the areas of general management and accounting across a range of industries including manufacturing, finance and service providers.
  • The role of CFO & Company Secretary encompasses the key responsibility areas of finance, accounting and governance with a focus on managing these functions across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Martin held the role of Company Secretary from 2017 to 2020