Strategic Relationships

Enhancing Competitive Advantage

We will maintain our pursuit of leadership in technology commercialisation in our chosen markets.

Our competitive advantage will be sustained by strategic insight, meaningful and mutually rewarding relationships and agility.

Our business model is based on partnering with or engaging the services of, experts in those fields essential to the technical and commercial development of our technologies.


Our core competencies in process development, applied research, business development and corporate governance underpin our strategic-partnering business model, which leverages industry expertise to drive technology development and mitigate risk while maintaining the agility necessary to navigate often-uncertain political, social and economic conditions.

Accounting – RSM

Accounting support and corporate advisory services.

LinkRSM Melbourne Office

Audit – BDO

Annual and half-year audit.

LinkBDO Melbourne Office

Legal – Clayton Utz

Navigating the complexities of the R&D Tax Incentive is essential to capital intensive, large-scale research endeavours like ours. CU has the expertise to support our objectives.

LinkClayton Utz Website

Legal – Coors Chambers Westgarth

Our international focus requires a law firm capable of delivering quality legal advice across multiple jurisdictions. Corrs have been instrumental in framing our tripartite India project agreement, a first for an Australian company.

LinkCorrs Website

Davies Collison Cave

Experts in assisting and processing patent applications and intellectual property management.

LinkDavies Collison Cave


Commercial legal services.

Link: Cornwalls


Brevet Capital

Brevet Capital is a leading credit investment and specialty finance firm with a focus on structuring products that target the intersection of investors, governments, and contractors.

Brevet provides ECT with a competitive R&D Tax Incentive Loan Facility.

BE Power

The BE Power Group is a consortium of project developers, financiers and utilities infrastructure firms engaged in the development and execution of energy projects; investing and building utility infrastructure across the Asia Pacific Region, including the financing of boiler and heating systems for ECT’s package boiler division.


Bringing innovative, first-of-a-kind industrial technologies to the market entails risk.

Through strategic partnering with engineering experts with a track record in delivering world-class results, we seek to manage that risk as we step through the commercialisation pathway.


Coldry design for tender.

LinkArup Website

MN Dastur

Matmor basic design.

LinkDastur website


Engineering and environmental consulting services.

Steam & Boiler Package Division

Our domestic steam and boiler package division offers customers a range of solutions from brand new turnkey packages through to refurbishment, fuel supply, operations and maintenance.

To deliver world-class outcomes, we’ve partnered with industry leaders.

John Thompson

Boiler and environmental solutions.



Boiler system operations and maintenance.


R&D Support Services

Fundamental research and development is time-consuming and requires significant investment.

Our internal expertise is bolstered by the support of leading universities.

Monash University

Research and development support for Coldry, Matmor/HydroMOR and COHgen.

LinkMonash University

University of Newcastle, Australia

Research and development support for Matmor/HydrMOR and COHgen.

LinkUniversity of Newcastle Australia