Features & Benefits

The advantages of the MATMOR Process over traditional blast furnace iron making are:

  • Replacement of expensive metallurgical coal with cheap, abundant lignite
  • The opportunity to replace expensive high grade Iron Ore (60%+Fe) with cheaper, low grade Iron Ore
  • Able to recover iron from millscale and other waste materials
  • Process requires significantly less heat / energy
  • Capital cost less than traditional blast furnaces for equivalent production capacity
  • Recirculation of waste gases minimises emissions
  • Lignite, as a reductant, is up to 1000 times more chemically reactive than the black coal currently used in traditional primary iron production.

The advantages over alternate Iron making processes are:

  • MATMOR is the only process we are aware of that can use lignite
  • Economic at smaller scale
  • Lower emissions
  • Able to recover iron from waste streams such as millscale and nickel tailings