Intellectual Property

Matmor comprises two distinct operational components:

  1. The front end, or pelletisation stage, uses the Coldry process to combine low-rank coal with iron oxide bearing media and dewater the coal
  2. The Matmor Retort, a unique vertical shaft furnace that reduces the iron oxide to metal

The Matmor Retort is patented in Australia (767268) and enjoys an additional layer of protection via the Coldry Patent, in the following jurisdictions:

Country Patent No / Patent Application No Status
Australia 2004274520 Granted
Canada 2,540,285 Granted
China (incl. Hong Kong) ZL200480031850.2 Granted
Europe 04761354.2 Granted
India PCT/AU2004/001319 or 1576/DELNP/2006 Granted
New Zealand 546098 Granted
USA 7992319 Granted


This additional protection is due to Coldry’s role as the front-end pelletisation process. Alternative low-rank coal drying processes are neither technically suitable nor economically viable as a feedstock production solution for the Matmor Retort.

In jurisdictions without Coldry patent coverage, the Company intends to protect the Matmor IP via appropriate confidentiality and trade secret agreements.