The Matmor Process


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Step 1: Composite Pellet Production

  • Using the Coldry Process, the raw materials are milled to <8mm, combined with a small amount of water, mixed and extruded
  • The extruded mixture is conditioned until dry-to-the-touch
  • The semi-dry pellets are conveyed into a vertical packed bed dryer, where warm air provided by waste heat is circulated through the pellets, removing the evaporated moisture
  • The Composite Pellets are discharged at the base of the dryer and conveyed to the MATMOR Retort

Step 2: MATMOR Retort

  • The Composite Pellets are charged at the top of the MATMOR Retort
  • The Retort heats the pellets in a reducing atmosphere
  • The remaining moisture is evaporated and the coal volatiles are driven off as combustible gas and recirculated into the base of the retort, where they are ignited, providing a blast furnace effect
  • As the Composite Pellets travel down the centre of the retort, reduction reactions take place
  • The pellets are discharged at the base of the retort and contain carbon, iron and ash
  • Hot air or oxygen is injected, buring off the remaining carbon, raising the temperature past the melting point of the iron to produce liquid metal and slag
  • The liquid metal is discharged to an Induction Furnace where it is periodically poured to create billets