Intellectual Property

IP Strategy

Our core asset is our Intellectual Property and as such must inform and leverage our Business Strategy.

Key aspects of IP protection include:

  • Patents – The Coldry Process is covered by patents in all major markets with significant lignite deposits and a mature legal framework
  • Confidentiality Agreements – Engagement with potential partners and customers is covered by comprehensive agreements
  • Licence Agreements – Technology Transfer is protected by detailed agreements to minimise risk and maximise compliance

Patents – Coldry

Country Patent No / Patent Application No Status
Australia 2004274520 Granted
Canada 2,540,285 Granted
China (incl. Hong Kong) ZL200480031850.2 Granted
Europe 04761354.2 Granted
India PCT/AU2004/001319 or 1576/DELNP/2006 Granted
New Zealand 546098 Granted
USA 7992319 Granted


Note: The Company had originally applied for coverage in Brazil, but has elected to abandon that coverage due to the incompatible quality of the lignite (extremely high inorganic contamination levels).