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Event: Indian Power Stations 2012 Conference

ECT's Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director Ashley Moore will be presenting at the Indian Power Stations Conference in New Delhi on Tuesday 14 February 2012.

The topic of the presentation; 'Enhancing Energy Security through Lignite Beneficiation' is timely and topical given the very real coal shortages currently experienced:

  • According to India’s Central Electricity Authority, as at 11 Jan 2012 60% of India’s generation capacity had critical supply shortages with less than 7 days supply
  • Approximately 28% of the Nations generation capacity had less than 4 days of supply on hand
  • Some recently commissioned power stations such as DVC's Koderma 1600 MW expansion are sitting idle due to lack of coal supply

India has the opportunity to apply the leading-edge Coldry technology to its brown coal reserves, transforming them into black coal equivalent pellets suitable for use in power generation and able to be transported with lower spontaneous combustion risk.

Coldry also offers the ability to acquire and upgrade brown coal resources in places like Indonesia, further enhancing supply options for Indian Power Stations.

ECT looks forward to presenting its Coldry technology to a broader audience in this significant market.