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Event Review: China 'Advanced Coal Chemical Summit'

ECT Chief Executive, Kos Galtos delivers Coldry speech at this years summit
ECT's Coldry Business Manager, Ashley Moore, delivers Coldry speech at this year's summit

ECT Chief Executive Kos Galtos and Coldry Business Manager Ashley Moore have just come off a whirlwind week in China promoting ECT and the Coldry technology and product.

The core event, the '6th China Advanced Coal Chemical Summit', was significantly built upon with various other meetings and introductions with several significant players across related markets.

Activities of note during the week include:

  • Discussions with one of China's largest national power companies regarding coal purchase arrangements for Coldry
  • Coal importers in the South of China discussed Coldry technology and Coldry products and expressed their interest in acquiring Coldry volumes.
  • Several Chinese brown coal asset owners have lined up to have their coals tested in the Coldry pilot and test plant to determine the business value a Coldry facility can generate for them. Samples will be arriving in Bacchus Marsh soon.
  • A Chinese engineering house specialising in the design and manufacture of coal handling and processing equipment is keen to explore a strategic alliance for the fabrication of Coldry plant

ECT Coldry Business Manager Ashley Moore said the event provided a focused forum to present ECT to key players in the Chinese market.

"We will be returning to China following our AGM (26/11) for the 'World Clean Coal Week' (29/11 to 3/12) to follow up on these discussions and engage other interested parties," Mr. Moore said.

China and India represent the largest markets for deploying Coldry technology, consumption of Coldry black coal equivalent (BCE) pellets, and CO2 mitigation.

China is continually expanding its baseload electricity generation capacity. Despite the fantastic efforts to advance cleaner energy (US$738 billion by 2020), coal used in electricity generation is projected to double by 2020.

As demand increases, prices increase, making high-moisture, low-energy, CO2-intensive brown coal a commercially attractive alternative. To use these low-rank coals in a power station designed to burn black coal, they need to be dewatered. Coldry is especially cost-effective at treating the highest moisture (35% to 70%) lignites, making it an attractive option for China's brown coal mine owners.

Coldry can help mitigate those inevitable emissions by providing an immediately deployable solution to a global problem.