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Kos Galtos Interview: Resource Investment Expo, Brisbane

ECT Chief Executive Kos Galtos presented an update on the Company at the Resources Investment Expo in Brisbane on June 18 and 19. Below is a post-presentation interview posted by event organiser, Symposium.

  • In this interview Kos Galtos talks frankly about the beneficiation cost of Coldry. This cost of US$25 per tonne is in addition to the cost of the as-mined lignite input, ECT's Royalty and finance charges on debt to fund the plant.
  • The indicative total cost per tonne based on Australian capital pricing and conditions is around US$40 per tonne. This figure may vary depending on project variables such as location, geotechnics, characteristics of raw coal input, exchange rates and financing among others.
  • The quoted $100 per tonne end value of the finished Coldry product is indicative only and is drawn from the NEWC Index ( at the time of the interview.