Technology that enables the stable transition to net zero.

ECT bridges the gap between the current high emission reality and the zero-emission world of the future.

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ECT’s technology suite is the bridge to net zero emissions.

ECT’s technology can play a key role in the transitional pathway to net zero by utilising abundant low rank and waste fuel sources in a new, clean way.

The world’s most efficient drying process for high moisture content feedstocks.

  • Low temperature
  • Low pressure
  • Reduces +50% moisture to <15%
  • ~200% increase in calorific value
  • Zero emissions
  • Option to harvest evaporated water
  • Thermally stable pellet = storable & transportable
  • Feedstock for higher-value applications including iron & steel, hydrogen, fertiliser and other fuels

ECT has the solution

Adoption of ECT’s technology suite delivers targeted solutions for the use of lignite and waste resources in a new, clean way across the energy, agricultural and industrial sectors and creates the opportunity to pivot away from low-value, high-emission electricity production to higher-value, low and zero-emission applications.

ECT has announced 2 new partnerships: