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SA Energy Minister Calls for Proposals to Generate Hydrogen

ECT has long supported the vision of developing a hydrogen economy in Australia to underpin the transition to a zero-emissions future.

The below article published by Adelaide Now reports on the South Australian government's call for people to "come to us with ideas about how to manufacture hydrogen in a green way."

SA has set up a $150 million fund aimed at assisting the industry in making the vision of 'green' hydrogen a reality.

There is a raft of issues that will need to be resolved by the industry as a whole, including storage and transport infrastructure before the potential of the hydrogen economy can be realised.

But in relation to 'green' hydrogen, there are a very specific set of additional challenges. Delivering on export contracts, for example, requires steady, predictable production. This can be problematic when relying on surplus power from intermittent renewables. And building renewables just to produce hydrogen would present significant challenges around cost and scale.

This is where an affordable and scalable solution is needed to bridge the gap.

With vast reserves of lignite in South Australia, Victoria and indeed globally, we're excited by this new, encouraging development in SA to promote hydrogen and see this enthusiasm as another proof point for our continued investment into the development of our own affordable, reliable, hydrogen-based technologies: HydroMOR (iron making) and COHGen (hydrogen production from lignite).


Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis calls for proposals to generate hydrogen fuel in SA

8 September 2017 | Adelaide Now | By Lauren Novak

SOUTH Australia should be producing enough hydrogen fuel to export internationally within two years, Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis says.

Source: Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis calls for proposals to generate hydrogen fuel in SA | Adelaide Now