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Gas supply shortage opens door to cleaner coal

Gas pricing continues to be a hot topic.

Yesterday's article in The Australian (link below $) highlighted the lead times associated with delivering an increased gas supply.

Former Energy & Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane, now head of the Queensland Resources Council, noted the high price and constrained supply of gas worked to ensure coal had a role in supplying affordable, reliable base load electricity for years to come.

And while we accept and acknowledge Mr MacFarlane’s comments on the impact of the current gas price on retail electricity prices, given his broad knowledge of the resources and energy industry, his comments also apply to the small to medium manufacturing industries across the nation, where the need to generate hot water or steam to support manufacturing, is feeling the pinch.

Many of these industries, including dairy processors, timber dryers, abattoirs and greenhouse operators, converted to natural gas when supplies were more reasonably priced and are now under extreme cost and competitive pressure with the significant increases in gas price.

ECT's Coldry process can help by delivering an affordable, reliable, solid fuel alternative to high-priced gas, helping businesses balance the transition to a low emissions future. The Coldry process itself features a zero CO2 footprint, and the Coldry product can be 30% to 50% less CO2 intensive than using brown coal.

With this in mind, and noting the gap in the Victorian market for solid fuel, we previously announced the commencement of a feasibility study into the establishment of a commercial demonstration scale Coldry facility in Vitoria's Latrobe Valley.

Source: Long lead on filling gas supply shortage opens door to clean coal: Macfarlane