About ECT

ECT bridges the gap between the current high emission reality and the zero-emission world of the future

ECT’s technology aims to play a key role in the transitional pathway to net zero by utilising abundant low rank and waste fuel sources in a new, clean way

ECT’s technology suite creates clean and reliable applications and products for the energy, agricultural and industrial sectors

ECT takes technologies, consistent with our purpose, through the entire commercialisation process and into industrialisation.

Each stage is supported by our three departments which specialise across the commercialisation chain:

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Projects and Business Development
  • Corporate Services

Solving Real Problems

The world is transitioning from a heavy industrialisation phase, where access to lower-cost inputs was the priority, toward a technology-driven paradigm that aims to reduce the impact of that industrialisation in the continued pursuit of economic growth. 

This transition creates great tension between the old and the new, with the principles of the debate often overshadowing practical solutions.

CO2 emissions are progressively being priced and access to valuable inputs is becoming a strategic, commercial and political imperative.

Utilisation of lower-cost resources and the mitigation of CO2 intensive processes represent an abundance of opportunity.

Economic security is the primary policy objective of nations.

Energy and resource security underpin economic security allowing nations to afford the cost of environmentally cleaner pathways.