Catalytic Depolymerisation

  • Waste & lignite to diesel
  • Low-temperature process
  • Lower-CO2 emissions

On 10 July 2019, we acquired the CDP Group’s ‘Waste-to-Energy’ (WTE) technology.

The Catalytic De-Polymerisation (CDP) technology is capable of producing diesel from a range of hydrocarbon-based inputs including various waste and hydrocarbon streams such as waste timber, end-of-life plastics and low-rank coal.

Coupled with Coldry, there are significant potential synergies to provide a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for automotive fuel requirements in Australia.

  • Waste to Energy is a growing industry
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Scalable – can deal with a large amount of waste
  • Diverting landfill 
  • Improved fuel security 
  • Export opportunities
  • Circular economy
  • Relatively short delivery timeframe

Coldry’s role in achieving this outcome is based on its abundance and consistency as a baseload chemical feedstock to the CDP process in combination with other waste streams.

The CDP technology was established at pilot scale under continuous operations utilising waste wood feedstock.

The pilot program, conducted in China has concluded, providing the basis for design of a 1,500L/hr demonstration unit which will require further testing ahead of a full commercial demonstration project.

A second, larger pilot plant in Bacchus Marsh is being considered to provide the facility for testing of the CDP process with a broader range of locally available inputs, including Coldry, with the aim of achieving process guarantees and underwritten funding for the feasibility of a commercial demonstration plant.

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