JV Projects

MoU with GDT to develop innovative end-of-life tyre resource recovery plant at Bacchus Marsh site

  • MoU signed with Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) to collaborate on the deployment of a commercial end-of-life tyres (EOLT) resource recovery facility at ECT’s site at Bacchus Marsh.
  • Targeting integration opportunities with:
    • COLDry for waste heat recovery and utilisation
    • Oil production acting as feedstock for electricity turbine
  • Refined products from tyres include fuel oil, solid carbon and recovered steel.

Building partnerships for a fully integrated “Waste to Clean Energy Hub” that bring investment, capability, and process synergies to both the Bacchus Marsh and Latrobe Valley projects.

Joint Venture Agreement with GrapheneX for Demonstration Project and Capital Raising

  • Australia’s largest demonstration of lignite syngas into hydrogen and low emission electricity
  • GrapheneX and ECT to contribute $3.5m each to support the upgrades ($7m in total)
  • Phase 2 of COLDry demonstration to commence
  • Pyrolysis kiln, 39MW gas turbine and formic acid process to be installed on-site
  • Targeting production of syngas, hydrogen, formic acid, agricultural char and electricity
  • Targeting net zero emission from hydrogen without Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Bacchus Marsh site to become fully integrated Waste to Clean Energy/Hydrogen Hub
  • ECT has received binding commitments from sophisticated and professional investors to raise $5m via a share placement to fund ECT’s costs in the JVA and provide working capital.