Environment, Social, Governance

Our commitment to ESG

Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT) is committed to building legitimate ongoing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials. We have commenced ESG reporting as a tangible first step in our ESG journey.

As a disruptive technology company that will play a key role in the energy transition, we greatly value ESG considerations as they enable us to better identify material risks and opportunities, leading to better-informed decisions and business outcomes. Equally, our commitment to ESG creates a consistent and measurable approach that helps us contribute to building a more prosperous and fulfilled society and a more sustainable relationship with our planet.

Universal ESG metrics

In July 2021 ECT commenced ESG reporting by making disclosures against the World Economic Forum (WEF) Stakeholder Capitalism framework, an effective means of creating long-term enterprise value, and addressing the societal priorities enshrined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The WEF framework is a set of common metrics for sustainable value creation captured in 21 core ESG disclosures for mainstream reporting.

Standardised disclosure technology 

We believe that ESG reporting is a continuous process of disclosure and improvement. To promptly commence disclosing against the WEF ESG framework, we have engaged impact measurement service provider Socialsuite to help project manage our disclosures by providing a dedicated solution to track, report, and share our ESG disclosures performance.

Our ESG disclosure progress

We are in the process of making ESG disclosures in the form of a set of universal, comparable stakeholder capitalism metrics focused on the four universal pillars of the WEF ESG framework: people, planet, prosperity, and principles of governance that organisations can report on, regardless of industry or region. Socialsuite’s “ESG Go” dashboard represents our reporting against the 21 core metrics.

By including ESG metrics in our mainstream reporting and integrating them into our governance, business strategy, and performance management process, we diligently consider all pertinent risks and opportunities in running our business.

ECT will continue to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to ESG by sharing the progress we make toward ESG disclosures in quarterly updates in combination with making our disclosures transparently available in the public domain. We will continue to look for opportunities for further transparency and on the opportunities which are material to our clean technology commercialisation business.

Our ‘ESG Go’ dashboard will be updated quarterly and will show the summary progress we have made on our ESG journey to date.

Our “ESG Highlights of the Quarter” (below) provides a summary of key ESG achievements during the Quarter.

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ESG Highlights – Q3FY22