Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT) is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: ECT).

Based in Melbourne, Australia, ECT is in the business of commercialising leading-edge technologies capable of delivering both financial and environmental benefits through the upgrading, recovery or conversion of low-value or waste resources.

Current technologies under development:

  • Coldry: the world's most cost-effective lignite drying method, featuring zero direct-CO2 emissions.
  • HydroMOR (formerly Matmor): the world’s first lignite-based, hydrogen-driven iron making technology, decreasing costs & CO2 emissions.
  • COHgen: high-yield hydrogen production from lignite. Low temperature, low cost and near-zero CO2 emissions.
  • CDP-WTE: Low emission conversion of waste to diesel, bitumen and asphalt.

Our core competencies in process development, applied research, business development and corporate governance underpin our strategic-partnering business model, which leverages industry expertise to drive technology development and mitigate risk while maintaining the agility necessary to navigate often-uncertain political, social and economic conditions.

Lignite Upgrading

Coldry: cost-effective lignite drying with no direct CO2 emissions

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COHgen: low-temperature hydrogen production from lignite

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Iron and steel making

HydroMOR: the worlds first and only lignite-based primary iron making technology

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Waste to energy

CDP-WTE: Low-emission conversion of waste and lignite to diesel, bitumen and asphalt

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