Company Overview

Core Technology Solution

Innovative resource upgrading and conversion technologies

Minerals processing technologies focused on transforming low-value resource streams into higher grade, valuable products delivering positive economic, energy, resource and environmental security outcomes.

Coldry – Unique low-rank coal drying technology

  • IP owned 100% by ECT and protected in all major markets
  • World’s most efficient pre-drying process for high moisture content coals
  • Enables low-rank coal use in downstream conversion process for high-value products and applications
  • Outstanding environmental credentials including a zero net CO2 footprint from the process
  • Construction-ready designs for first commercial-scale plant ready to go

HydroMOR (formerly Matmor) – Primary iron processing technology

  • Intellectual property owned 100% by ECT
  • Integrates with Coldry which acts as the feedstock preparation stage
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by ~65% through use of low cost, abundant raw materials
  • Reduces energy costs through innovative thermo-chemical pathway (impact embedded in manufacturing costs above) CO2 emissions reduction helps deliver lower emissions intensity

COHgen – Catalytic Organic Hydrogen generation

  • ECT is developing world-leading know-how of hydrogen chemistry in low-grade coals
  • Targeting the lowest cost means of extracting hydrogen from low-rank coals
  • Potential applications of this know-how include purpose-built hydrogen production

CDP-WTE: Catalytic Depolymerisation Waste-to-Energy

  • Waste (and low-rank coal) to diesel
  • Recent acquisition of CDP-WTE technology
  • Coldry synergies, including improved process performance, efficiency and yield-enhancing Coldry bankability via exposure to the higher value liquid fuel market

Corporate Strategy

Purpose: We bridge the gap between today’s use of resources and tomorrow’s zero-emissions future.

Mission: The company commercialises innovative technologies to increase the economic and environmental benefits derived from low grade, low rank and waste resources (Targeted Resources).

Vision: We are recognised as a leader in the commercialisation of innovative technologies, providing increased economic and environmental benefits from the utilisation of Targeted Resources.

Corporate Values

ECT has developed a set of corporate values which are as important as the technologies to our company. 

These values are at the heart of how we conduct our business.

Bridging the Gap: We are focused on technology as an enabler to a zero-emissions future

Frugal Innovation: We strive to deliver innovative outcomes, through reducing complexity, cost-conscious execution and fit-for-purpose engineering

Collaboration: We work collaboratively to yield the best possible outcomes

Integrity: When we say we will do something, we do it – and we do it responsibly

Sustainability: We consider the safety, quality  and environmental outcomes of our decisions