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India projected to be global growth leader

India will lead global economic growth over the next decade, according to the Centre for International Development at Harvard University (CID).

New analysis and metrics associated with economic complexity have allowed them to project annual growth rates of 6.98% over the next decade. This contrasts with Australia’s projected growth rate of 1.07% and the US at 2.58%.

This is best visualised at the cost information website of, as shown below.


According to CID, India imported solid fuels, such as those used in electricity generation or steel making, valued at more than $US18Bn in 2014 (

ECT’s Managing Director Ashley Moore stated, “ECT is positioned well to support key economic growth drivers in India—power to support growth and Steel to support infrastructure. Our technologies also support important policy objectives in India—improved resource independence and ‘Make in India’. We’ve begun our project work in association with our new partners at Neyveli Lignite Corporation and NMDC, and look forward to describing our progress in the near future.”