India’s cut to nuclear power target a boost for coal

India has cut its nuclear power target from 63GW to 22.48GW.

Rather than providing 25% of India’s electricity, it will only provide about 8-10%.

The reasons?

The folks over at The Energy Collective website have a view:

While the Department of Atomic Energy did not specify the reasons for the change, it is likely that India has come face-to-face with the same reality that other developing nations seeking rapid construction of nuclear power plants. The challenges are the lack of funding, a reliable supply chain that can handle a huge increase in orders, and a trained workforce to build and operate the plants at the planned level of activity.

The implications?

Expect a greater reliance on coal.

But coal will experience its own bottlenecks.

An alternative?

India’s vast lignite resources can be dried using our Coldry technology, substituting black coal and displacing imports.

And while increased coal use will attract criticism, it appears it will happen regardless as India strives to bring power to 240 million of its citizens. What to do? Protest? Sure. Or we can apply practical solutions such as Coldry that help reduce the impact.

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Modi government cuts nuclear power capacity addition target to one-third

5 April 2018 | Financial Express | Pragya Srivastava

The Narendra Modi government, which had set the ambitious 63,000 MW nuclear power capacity addition target by the year 2031-32, has cut it down to 22,480 MW, a Lok Sabha answer has revealed.

Source: Modi government cuts nuclear power capacity addition target to one-third