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Presentation: Delivering least cost abatement for Victoria

ECT's Operations Manager, Adam Giles, presented at the All Energy Conference at Melbourne's Exhibition Centre yesterday, October 12, 2011.

The session headline, 'Embracing Clean Energy in Government; State', was chaired by Jenniy Gregory, Manager Sustainable Technology Development, ETIS, Department of Primary Industries, State Government of Victoria, and included speakers from Queensland, the Northern Territory and Victorian Governments.

As the only private sector presenter in this session, Adam spoke on 'Delivering Least Cost Abatement for Victoria'.

The presentation highlighted the importance of deploying cost-effective solutions in the quest to reduce emissions to ensure the state and its people aren't unnecessarily burdened by the cost of acting to meet those targets.

The prevailing dogma that gas is the only suitable replacement for brown coal-based power generation to achieve our targets was challenged, with a clear focus on the energy price risks associated with future expected gas price volatility.

ECT will publish a more detailed paper on the subject in the coming weeks.