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Shareholder Update - Capital Management

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ESI and ECT or Company) provides the following update on capital management and planning activities.

Key points:

  • Fast Finance Covenant condition eliminated
  • Options Exercise Mandate issued

In anticipation of advancing its previously announced objectives in India in relation to the development of both its Coldry and Matmor technologies, the Company has finalised elements of its capital management planning activities.

These activities are aimed at ensuring the Company is prepared for success and include the following:

(1) Fast Finance Covenant

The recent arrangements regarding the Company’s Fast Finance Facility (ASX announcement 31 October 2014) included a requirement to demonstrate to the financier that forecast R&D expenditure, and the subsequent expected rebate, was sufficient to cover the facility.

With the recent acquisition of Matmor assets (ASX announcement 4 December 2014), the financier is satisfied the expected R&D rebate due later this year will satisfy the obligation.

In addition, the Company believes the acquisition of the Matmor assets materially underpins future R&D claims into 2016, in alignment with the Company’s 2-year Matmor development program, providing further cashflow to the business.

This assessment satisfies the Covenant in the Fast Finance agreements, which is in the best interests of shareholders.

(2) Options Exercise Mandate

The Company has appointed Platinum Road to manage an options exercise program. Such a program is designed to provide a mechanism, under appropriate market conditions, for the proactive facilitation and conversion of Options to deliver capital inflows in support of the Company’s objectives. Such appropriate market conditions may include the delivery of shareholder value through advancing its technology development objectives in India.

The mandate provides the terms and conditions under which the program may be executed and will be assessed on a regular basis, with the Company maintaining directional control over the terms to ensure market competitive services are delivered and shareholder value maximised.

Platinum Road Managing Director Dr David Menzies said: “The Matmor acquisition is a significant accomplishment for ECT, instilling a level of confidence in the company’s approach to advancing the Coldry and Matmor technology platforms and we look forward to supporting their further commercialisation efforts.”

For further information contact:

Ashley Moore – Managing Director [email protected]