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SmallCaps ultimate guide to hydrogen stocks on the ASX

The team over at SmallCaps have been busy analysing the emerging, fast-moving hydrogen space.

They've also taken the time to break things down, explaining the basics:

  • What is hydrogen?
  • How is it produced?
  • Current uses
  • Global demand
  • Global production
  • Production costs
  • Australian government-funded initiatives

And, of course, they cover the Australian ASX-listed companies developing various solutions to address the many challenges in establishing and growing a new industry (yes, we're mentioned).

For our part, we see two direct opportunities in the context of the emerging hydrogen industry:

  1. Coldry, our low-temperature, lignite drying solution, which features zero-direct CO2 emissions, can be deployed as the front end feedstock preparation stage for standard coal gasification technology, which is the stage prior to the standard hydrogen production route known as steam reforming. It’s the gateway enabler for lignite-to-hydrogen production.
  2. COHgen, which stands for ‘catalytic organic hydrogen generation’, is our novel, low temperature, low emissions hydrogen generation technology currently under development that may provide a low-cost alternative to the steam reforming route to produce hydrogen from brown coal.

There is still a lot of work ahead to develop our COHgen process and confirm techno-economic viability at large scale, but we are engaged with various parties to advance opportunities to contribute to this rapidly emerging industry, including the Gippsland Region Hydrogen Committee as an advisory member, and as a member of the FEnEx CRC – Future Energy Exports Cooperative Research Centre –


Hydrogen stocks on the ASX: The Ultimate Guide

27 October 2021 | Danica Cullinane | SmallCaps

The list of ASX hydrogen stocks is expanding as companies get on board due to the increasing conviction the fuel is vital to achieving a clean and secure energy future.