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Terry McCrann points to AGL’s 'war' on Australians

Terry McCrann doesn't pull punches or mince words.

His article in today's Herald Sun ($) is a 'call to arms' for consumers of electricity.

He's called AGL's decision to close the Liddell black coal power station in 2022 a 'two-fingered salute' to all Australians.

What's got Terry so riled?

He puts it this way:

The decision, if carried through, will impose permanently higher prices for electricity — and not just for electricity, but for gas as well — and impose those higher prices on all users of both gas and electricity right across the three eastern seaboard states and not just only AGL’s own customers.

AGL has in effect promised to turn the probability of regular rolling power blackouts into a certainty. Thank you AGL for at least giving us ‘clarity’ on your intentions and your objectives — the pursuit of profit over your customers.

So, what's Terry's solution?

He thinks we should demand the following from AGL:

[AGL] must guarantee the delivery of electricity into the grid at the claimed lower prices calculated by the fairies at the bottom of the AGL fantasy garden. They must also guarantee that the diversion of gas from its more sensible direct use will not trigger either a gas price rise or gas shortage.

They must also guarantee that their fantasy generation mix of wind, solar, demand response and batteries — will, and I repeat WILL — always deliver the 1500MW that the real Liddell power station could be guaranteed to deliver.

And if they don't?

Well, given their claim that wind is cheaper than coal, the removal of the $85/MWh subsidy is a great start, according to McCrann.

Followed closely by the removal of all Directors' fees if the mix of wind, solar and batteries fail to deliver.

And what of the government?

He has a suggestion there too:

...the mandatory acquisition of Liddell and the extension of its life for at least five and preferably 10 years beyond 2022.

Terry's thoughts on the state of play for energy policy are unfiltered:

I would separately argue it’s long past time to hold both state governments and their idiotic voters who elect them to take responsibility for their choices.

And his final piece of advice for AGL's Directors?

Disconnect your houses from the grid; replace it with solar panels, a solitary windmill on the roof, a Tesla battery and a diesel generator. Oh yes, and some candles.


AGL’s promise to close the Liddell coal-fired power station is a war on Australians

Herald Sun | 11 December 2017 | Terry McCrann

AGL has declared war on its gas and electricity customers and Australians generally — and both customers and indeed all Australians should respond in kind.

Source ($): Terry McCrann: AGL’s promise to close the Liddell coal-fired power station is a war on Australians | Herald Sun