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'The Age' reports on Coldry...

Business journalist Mat Murphy ran an article in yesterday's Age titled 'Cleaner brown coal said to be cheaper emissions reducer' - click here to read the article.

The article follows our report released on 25 November titled 'CO2 Reduction in Victoria: Dogma or Delivery'.

Put simply, Coldry can achieve Victoria's 20% CO2 reduction target for 27% less cost than gas and 46% less cost than wind per tonne of CO2 saved.

We're conscious of not over-simplifying issues that bridge complex areas including climate change, electricity production, government policy, financial modeling and economic forecasting. So in addition to the simple, bottom line perspective, we're currently preparing a Newsletter which will expand on the details. That way you can digest as much, or as little, as you like.

In the mean time if you have any questions regarding the article, please send us an email by clicking here.