Monthly Archives: January 2014

Business Update and Clarifications

ASX Announcement The Company is aware of some false and misleading rumours circulating in certain public forums, and wishes to provide clarification in relation to those rumours to guard against a false market in its securities. In addition, the Company takes this opportunity to also update the market about the current status, strategic direction, and… Continue Reading >

Update – New Options Series

ASX Announcement Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT or Company) (ASX:ESI) advises that the issue of the Prospectus for the new option series approved by shareholders under Resolution 7 at the AGM on 29 November 2013 will be postponed by several weeks. The company intends to proceed with the new option series, however given the prevailing market… Continue Reading >

ALDP outcome clarification

The Company has received requests from shareholders for clarification on the timing of notification from the Government of the ALDP outcome, and is aware of a number of rumours and speculation which now require comment. As stated in the opening bullet point of the ASX announcement (link), the Company had ‘just’ been advised of the… Continue Reading >

ALDP Outcome and Fast Tracking India

ASX Announcement Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT or Company) (ASX:ESI) advises the following: The Company has just been advised that it has not attracted a grant under the Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program (ALDP) ECT technology viewed as vastly superior in many aspects. Grant program decision based on other aspects including multi-billion dollar rail and port infrastructure… Continue Reading >