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High gas prices here to stay

The recent and rapid hike in electricity prices here in Australia is caused by several factors. Network gold-plating and intermittent Wind and solar shoulder significant blame. But we also have a gas-price problem, as highlighted in the below article by Matt Chambers in The Australian ($). Gas and pipeline chiefs say the higher prices are… Continue Reading >

Energy price rises stunt business growth

Electricity prices remain a hot topic across Australia and business is feeling the pinch. Victoria’s wholesale power prices were the cheapest in Australia prior to the closure of Hazelwood brown coal power station in March 2017. Wholesale prices have tripled since 2015. The results? The below article ($) by Karen Collier in the Herald-Sun, which quotes a… Continue Reading >

ECT features in Indian headlines

Following on from our ASX announcement yesterday updating shareholders on the status of our project in India, comes this article featuring another mention of ECT. The article’s focus is on governance, transparency and accountability, providing an opportunity to provide some context to the backdrop of our current activities as we step through the review process with… Continue Reading >

ECT leads international representation at NLC India event

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ESI) (ECT or Company) is pleased to provide the following update on the progress of its activities in India in support of its world-first technology project with partners NLC India Limited (NLC) and NMDC Limited (MNDC). Key points: Final Report for the independent financial review due to be completed by… Continue Reading >

International Energy Agency calls for CCS funding

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its 5-yearly report on the state of world energy – link. And this week, the head of the IEA, Dr Fatih Birol called on Australia to drive down electricity prices and secure supply. A lot has happened in the past 5 years. Energy Policy has pushed up the average annual wholesale… Continue Reading >

Hydrogen projected to become $2.5 trillion market

Last week, Brown Coal Innovation Australia (link) held their ‘Carbon to Products’ seminar at Federation University in Victoria’s lignite heartland, the Latrobe Valley. Eager to find higher value, lower emission applications for Victoria’s world-class brown coal resource (other than just digging it up and burning it to make reliable, affordable electricity) the forum showcased some of the potential uses… Continue Reading >

How to make Carbon Capture and Storage cheaper

Is it cheaper to capture and store CO2 or avoid it in the first place? Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been under development for decades. It’s no longer experimental. It’s been touted as a solution to CO2 emissions for coal-fired power stations. And brown coal needs it the most because it’s more CO2 intensive… Continue Reading >

The cost of failed energy policy slowly emerges

“Big firms get $50m in bid to keep lights on” The above headline is front page of today’s Australian. The cost of failed energy policy is starting to emerge, though much of it still remains hidden. The cause appears to be two-fold; the closure of Hazelwood taking 1600MW of dispatchable capacity out of the market… Continue Reading >

Fulfilling India’s steel ambitions with new tech

We’ve mentioned India’s Coal Secretary, Mr Susheel Kumar on several occasions. This is understandable given the role he plays with respect to our brown coal partner NLC’s line of reporting through to the Ministry of Coal. NLC is the site for our Integrated Coldry-Matmor project, so it makes sense that NLC has the lead on certain… Continue Reading >