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2017 AGM Results of Meeting

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECTorCompany) (ASX:ESI) provides the results of its 2017 Annual General Meeting held today. 

ResolutionForAgainstAbstain% For
1 Remuneration Report551.5M256.7M84.3M68.2
2 Elect G Fozard652.5M238.3M1.3M73.2
3 Elect D Smith652.5M238.3M1.3M73.2

Manner in which votes were cast in person or by proxy:

1 Remuneration Report*Not passed. While the motion was passed on a show of hands, the Chairman elected to declare the motion not-carried, noting proxy votes received were less than 75% of the requirement to pass should a poll be held.
2 Elect G FozardPassed on a show of hands
3 Elect D SmithPassed on a show of hands

*Special Resolution

For Further Information, contact:

Adam Giles – Company Secretary            [email protected]