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Advocacy group calls for balanced approach to energy policy

Over 5200 MW of coal-fired power stations have been closed in the past 10 years. During that same period, household and business power prices have surged more than 80-90 per cent.

Nathan Vass is the founder of the Australian Power Project, a leading advocacy group calling for a balanced and sustainable approach to achieving a clean energy future.

His recent article in The Newcastle Herald (below) articulates the current dilemma well:

Australia is at a crossroads where its politicians and regulators must decide what kind of industrial base it wants in the future. Without cheap and reliable electricity, the ripple effect of high power prices through our industrial and manufacturing industry will be immense.

He's talking about the application of HELE technology for black coal. But the same argument applies to brown coal. The difference being, we'd need to dry the brown coal before it was suitable.

This is where our Coldry technology comes in. An integrated Coldry-HELE power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley could reduce CO2 emissions by 42% to 63% compared to business as usual.


JAPANESE EXAMPLE: Yokohama's high-efficiency low emissions (HELE) clean coal-fired power station

Energy policy puts nation on list no-one wants to be on

9 March 2018 | Newcastle Herald | Nathan Vass

The madness of shutting down reliable baseload generators is proving to be far more damaging to Australia’s economy than the carbon tax ever was.

Source: Energy policy puts nation on list no-one wants to be on | Newcastle Herald