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Top 40 Shareholders

Due to recent higher share trading volumes and shareholder interest, the Company provides the following interim report on the Top 40 shareholders (as at 5 February 2016). Rank HOLDER NAME Securities Held 1 LJ & K THOMSON PTY LTD 116,500,000 2 ELGAR PARK PTY LTD 108,540,795 3 MENZIES SUPER PTY LTD 82,089,710 4 MR DANNY… Continue Reading >

Developing ‘fit for purpose’ Coldry pellets for key markets

Exportability. Robustness. Durability. Friability. These words are used to describe the physical handling characteristics of coal generally. So, how does the Coldry product hold up under the rigours of transport and handling? Historically we’ve focused our updates largely on the Coldry process and its development, rarely talking in detail about the parallel and ongoing development… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Update – December 2014

Dear fellow shareholders, While there is no material new information I’m able to disclose at present with respect to our engagement with NLC, NMDC and others, I would like to provide a brief recap of our current direction and activities ahead of our short break over the Christmas & New Year period. Firstly, our office… Continue Reading >

Shareholder Update – October 2013

  Dear fellow shareholders, Please note that this update doesn’t disclose any new or material information, but does talk to the broader company strategy and provides context around the key factors currently impacting your company. The update is via a video interview below covering some of the key topics in addition to a more detailed… Continue Reading >

Newsletter: October 2010

Since our last newsletter in early June, we’ve delivered the next step in our Victoria Coldry project; the signing of the binding licence agreement with TinCom on 25 June. The complexities and nuances of advancing the commercialisation of a disruptive, high capex, long-lead time, first-of-a-kind technology such as Coldry with a foreign partner mean the… Continue Reading >