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Coldry Project Update


Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX: ECT) (“ECT” or “Company”) is pleased to provide the following update to the previously announced acquisition of a rotary kiln, a key component of Phase 2 of the Coldry small-scale demonstration project (“Project”), located in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

The rotary kiln has departed Geraldton, Western Australia, and will make the 3,600km journey to the Company’s project site in Bacchus Marsh, northwest of Melbourne, for delivery next week.

In addition to the kiln itself (pictured above), peripheral equipment and spare parts will accompany the kiln on its way across Australia.

The total cost of the acquisition (including transport) is estimated to be $300,000 and is anticipated to deliver savings of up to $500,000, reducing Phase 2 lead time by up to four months.

ECT Chairman, Mr Glenn Fozard commented:

“Managing to source this key component locally has been a nice win in the context of the delays we’ve experienced during COVID.

“Phase 1 of the Project, the construction of the Coldry demonstration plant, is currently on track for completion this quarter, and when completed, will deliver a meaningful scale up from our previous pilot plant.

“Phase 2 entails the installation of the char kiln and its associated plant and equipment, followed by integration with the Coldry plant to demonstrate the harnessing of the waste energy by Coldry from a commercial application.

“This project aims to validate the technical and economic profile of the Coldry process, paving the way forward to developing a large-scale commercial project in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, enabling a pivot away from lignite-fired power generation toward the higher value, low and net-zero emission future use of lignite.”

Project Overview

ECT Chief Engineer, Mr Ashley Moore elaborated on the role of the kiln in developing the Coldry demonstration project:

“The Project entails the small-scale commercial demonstration of our unique zero-emission lignite drying process, Coldry.

“The key to Coldry’s zero-emission profile is the unique use of waste energy, which in this instance is provided by the char kiln operating at up to 800 degrees, that provides the warm air needed to evaporate the moisture from the lignite as well as producing a high-value mineral char and syngas product. Contrast this with conventional lignite drying methods, which burn coal as part of the process to generate the high-temperature energy they need for drying, creating a significant CO2 footprint.

“The delivery of the kiln next week will allow us to advance a range of activities for Phase 2, in parallel with the completion of Phase 1, helping win back some of the time lost to COVID delays over the past year.”

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