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ECT presents at Melbourne coal upgrading forum

ECT Managing Director Ashley Moore presented at the Brown Coal Drying and Handling seminar in Melbourne recently (17 June 2013).

The event, staged by Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA), covered the latest coal drying and handling technologies and touched on the many forces impacting development and commercialisation in this emerging market.

A wide range of speakers presented to a broad audience of engineers, coal development companies, technologists, financiers, government representatives, researchers and private investors.

It was widely accepted that brown coal drying technologies are necessary for longer-term energy security and value-added resource utilisation.

ECT’s equipment development partner JC Steele also attended, presenting their materials handling and processing capabilities and highlighting their broad range of equipment available to the coal sector.

Their presentation titled “The Merits of Brown Coal Extrusion” used Coldry as a case study to showcase their lab experience and testing facilities and provided insight into the extensive development activity that’s underpinned the work at our Coldry pilot plant and informed the scale up to our Coldry demonstration plant.

ECT and JC Steele are planning a series of Open Day’s at the Coldry pilot plant later this year to showcase the current state of development, including a mobile version of the full-scale '90 Model' mill and extruder destined for our demonstration and commercial scale plants. More information on the Open Day’s will be announced soon.

Mr. Moore commented "The event was very well organised by BCIA and highly relevant to ECT. BCIA have made great inroads in supporting and bringing together the various stakeholders and we’re proud to be member."

The presentation by ECT Managing Director Ashley Moore, which can be viewed below, covered the Coldry process, how it integrates to a host power station, and its current status of development and an outline of the next steps.

In addition to the presentation, an exhibition area provided ECT with the opportunity to network with delegates between sessions.

This type of event provides a valuable, targeted forum to educate the market on Coldry in the context of broader lignite market development.