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Can wind and solar save the planet?
We're told that to save the planet from global warming we need to transition from coal...
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Government MPs push for renewables funding to boost climate credentials
Federal Liberal party backbenchers are pushing for a boost to renewable energy funding and support for hydrogen industry development and climate change adaptation....
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Energy policy blame-game intensifies
Are ageing coal and gas power stations to blame for recent energy chaos?...
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Hydrogen-fuelled election bid
Labor promises $1 billion in hydrogen fuelled jobs pitch for votes....
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Coal exports fuel QLD economy
Queensland coal exports hit record highs. Greens Senator scrambles to fill the hole in their false 'coal is dead' narrative by demanding we stop sending our coal profits to multinationals and instead support 'home grown' wind and solar companies... which also happen to be subsidy-seeking multinatio...
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Not much gain, despite energy price pain
Australia has gone from having among the cheapest electricity in the world to being among the most expensive, laying a significant chunk of the blame squarely at the lack of 'firming' capacity, driven by perverse market interventions....
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Wind and solar can’t build or sustain a modern society
We’re often asked why we’re ‘anti-renewables’. Given our company name – Environmental Clean Technologies – it’s...
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Is coal to blame for high power prices?
Sounds like a silly question. But there’s a recent push by renewables advocates to shift the...
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Australians have seen this pattern before
It's safe to say most investors understand India presents an opportunity. The scope of the opportunity...
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ABC 'greenwash' world energy report
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its latest World Energy Outlook. The WEO2018 report is...
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