The world is transitioning from a heavy industrialisation phase, where access to lower-cost inputs was the priority, toward a technology-driven paradigm that aims to reduce the impact of that industrialisation in the continued pursuit of economic growth.

Our Managing Director Glenn Fozard speaks with Ali Ukani from Peak Asset Management about our current projects and opportunities.

It's true what they're saying over at the Motley Fool.

Investors are catching on to the emerging hydrogen market potential.

We're working to develop our net-zero hydrogen refinery, which could deliver H2 well under $3kg before 2030.

These were the 5 best-performing ASX hydrogen shares of November

The Motley Fool | Brooke Cooper | 8 December 2021

If you owned these ASX hydrogen stocks in November, you picked a winner.

Hydrogen has taken the ASX by storm in 2021, boosting shares involved with the energy source into the spotlight, and it was no different in November.

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Hydrogen is a hot topic.

We recently announced our proposed hydrogen hub project for Victoria's Latrobe Valley.

Today, the Latrobe Valley Express picked up our story, providing local coverage of our plans to deliver a net-zero hydrogen refinery.


Hydrogen refinery project proposed for Yallourn

2 Dec 2021 | Michelle Slater | Latrobe Valley Express

A Melbourne-based company has secured a site to build a net-zero hydrogen refinery at Yallourn to create low emissions hydrogen and agricultural char from lignite.

Environmental Clean Technologies has purchased four hectares on Yallourn Drive on the site of the former Powerhouse Hotel, which would be converted into offices, laboratories and training areas.

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The team over at STOCKHEAD picked up on our announcement yesterday, as part of their coverage of the impact of the energy transition on Victoria's Latrobe Valley, home to the world's single largest lignite resource.

Victoria’s home of coal is serious about going green

STOCKHEAD | Jessica Cummins | 24 November 2021

More than 80% of Victoria’s coal is found in the Gippsland Basin off the southeast coast of the state.

It is here, in the Latrobe Valley, that an estimate resource of around 65 billion tonnes makes up around 25% of the world’s known brown coal reserves.

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