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Presentation: CleanTech Forum San Fransisco

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited has featured at an international clean tech forum.

The company was part of the 10th Annual CleanTech Forum in San Francisco under the event headline "The Power of Global Partnerships".

The event brings together global clean tech innovators, top venture capitalists, investors, corporate leaders and policy makers.

This year’s two-day conference is concentrating on strategic partnerships in clean technology. Speakers cover utilities, solar, energy efficiency, biofuels, electric vehicles and transportation and smart water.

ECT’s coal upgrading technology known as Coldry, which creates black coal equivalent pellets from low-rank brown coal, has been included on the comprehensive program, with coal use forecast to increase by 1 billion tonnes a year by 2035.

ECT managing director Mike Davies commented: “There is a recognised global need for innovations which may mitigate inevitable emissions increases.

“While renewables are forecast to increase their market share from ~3% to ~15% by 2035, there exists a tremendous opportunity to target and mitigate the inevitable CO2 increase from the forecast growth in coal use by electric utilities, especially in the Asia region where the majority of the coal demand growth is focused.

“No single approach will provide the complete solution. We need a multi-pronged approach capable of attacking CO2 intensity across the coal-based power generation lifecycle.”

ECT presented at the forum as part of a delegation of five companies led by consulting firm Deloitte.

ECT focused its presentation on 'Bridging the Gap' that exists between our desire for a renewable energy dominated future and the reality that coal use is projected to increase.

Mr Davies said with the forecast increase in coal demand, low rank coal is becoming increasingly more attractive in terms of price and availability, despite its higher CO2 intensity.

Key messages in the presentation include:

  • The Coldry process provides a cost-effective means to dry low rank coal and significantly mitigate its carbon intensity.
  • In markets that rely on brown coal for power generation, Coldry can enable solutions that reduce emissions at less cost than the alternative of gas.
  • The Matmor process has the potential, when fully developed and commercialised, to mitigate CO2 and reclaim value from iron oxide waste such as mill scale and nickel tailings, providing both environmental and economic benefits.
  • ECT offers a stepping stone into the fast growing Asian market with in-demand technology