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Shareholder Update - Coldry Technology

Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ESI) is pleased to provide a comprehensive update on the status of our Coldry technology.

Since the signing of the Participants Agreement in July 2005, which gave ECT the exclusive global rights to commercialise Coldry and the subsequent purchase of the Coldry Intellectual Property (IP) in June 2009, ECT has substantially advanced the commerciality and the ability to deliver Coldry to market on a commercial scale. Of significant note are our major achievements such as:

  • Securing the intellectual property of our technology in major markets
  • Validated the characteristics of our Coldry BCE product via independent testing
  • Produced commercial quantities of product at our Bacchus Marsh pilot plant
  • Organised for the in-situ testing of our product in one of China’s leading black coal-fired power stations
  • Built partnerships across engineering, construction, technology development, finance, marketing, and sales that will underpin the commercialisation of our Coldry technology, and
  • Demonstrably advanced our position along the technical, relationship and organisational experience curves that are critical to achieving commercialisation

ECT Chief Executive Kos Galtos stated “We have exponentially increased the value of the Coldry technology over the last three years, by building on our base IP through the development of strong partnerships with companies like Arup and MacDow. We now think it appropriate to provide shareholders with a consolidated view as to the position of the Coldry technology to ensure a clear understanding of the whole picture, and enable their better assessment of our future prospects.”

ECT’s Business Manager Ashley Moore said “Coldry technology is the first of its kind – an economically attractive brown coal beneficiation technology with a net improvement in terms of end to end CO2 exposure. We have made great strides in Coldry’s further development, and are now ready to proceed to our first commercial project”