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COLDry Virtual Tour

Phase 1 Progress Update

In conjunction with our Quarterly Report for the period ending 30 June 2022, this video provides a short virtual tour, showing the progress at the COLDry demonstration plant at our Bacchus Marsh R&D facility.

The COLDry plant is part of a two-phase project which aims to deliver a net-zero emission hydrogen demonstration, underpinning the design and engineering required to advance our proposed large-scale Net-zero Hydrogen Refinery in Victorias Latrobe Valley in the coming years.

Hard-won Progress

Despite the tremendous supply chain disruption and labour market constraints over the past few years, the project team recently delivered a successful wet commissioning test, producing COLDry pellets within target specification.

The next steps include the completion of wet commissioning from the primary processing system (mixer, pugmill & extruder) through to the conditioning system to measure the drying performance of this first-of-a-kind design.

Why is this important?

Recent modelling indicated the conditioning system may perform better than originally anticipated. If this is the case, then changes will need to be made to the final stage of the drying system - the Packed Bed Dryer - to ensure the correct vessel volume relative to expected drying parameters. In other words, if the conditioned pellets are drier than expected, the internal volume of the Packed Bed Dryer needs to be smaller. And, to the extent that the conditioning system performs even better, the Packed Bed Dryer may be bypassed and conditioned COLDry pellets fed straight to the rotary kiln, potentially providing capital and operational cost advantages for the integrated hydrogen production application.

Active Construction Site

This is an active construction site, with certain sections taped off pending installation of safety barriers once commissioning is complete.

The external walls and roofing will be one of the last items to be installed, providing access to cranes during construction and commissioning activities.